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Teeth Factory

World’s Most Efficient Teeth Factory
Arma Dental technologies offer you to set- up
most efficient teeth factory in your hometown.
Highest Production
Mount per Labor
World general is around 1000-1200 full sets teeth production per labor per month. With Arma Dental technologies you can can produce 3000-4000 full sets teeth per labor per month.
Teeth manufacturing is not labor
intensive anymore.!
With our patented technologies you do not need to find experienced labors. For each operation 15 days training is enough to make a standart labor as a teeth manufacturing labor.
Scalable Production Center
As to market needs you can start to manufacture teeth with different capacities. The alternatives are starting from 300 full sets production per day. Medium level is 500 full sets per day. Optimum level is 1000 full sets per day to start.
We do not set-up just factory; we train
your labors also.
When you start a project we start with product development. We work with you to create best product as to your market needs. Also, we train your labors to get maximum performance.
Proven material formulations; proven
production parameters.
When you invest for teeth manufacturing with Arma Dental; you will not live any surprise. For years all products, production parameters and material formulations proven from the market.
A market growing %8-10 percent
every year
Acrylic teeth market is growing every year. However the
cost competition is also getting harder and harder. All
markets are waiting for low-cot but high quality teeth.
Don’t you want to be a competitive partner for this growing
Industry Average:
4000 Sets / Labor per Month
Acrylic teeth manufacturing is labor intensive for years.
Processes are strongly dependent to experienced labors.
Especially sorting, mounting and pressing. Besides, the
interaction with the technology is not at desired level. All
these realities make acrylic teeth production relatively
Arma Dental Provides
20000 Sets / Labor per Month
We see teeth production differently. We are developing new methods and products. We focused to eliminate labor intensive situations, experienced labor dependency. Besides, we put new technologies like crust trimming. By this way our technologies and products increasing efficiency of teeth production dramatically
0,1 EUR / Set
Cost Level!
You have chance to compete even with China. Thanks to our most-developed technologies, it is possible to produce teeth at lowest cost for today. Pay-back time of investment will be at soonest time. In conclusion, we are ready to set up a very feasible turn-key project for you.

Sample Facility to Produce 4000 Sets of Teeth per Day


Material Preparation
Capacity: Daily Needed Amount
Operating: 0,2 Labor


Capacity: 4000 Sets of Teeth per Shift
Operating: 3 Labors


Printing and Waxing
Capacity: 4000 Cards of Teeth per Shift
Operating: 1 Labor


Trim ’n Mount
Capacity: 4000 Sets of Teeth per Shift
Operating: 1 Labor


Quality Inspection & Boxing
Capacity: 4000 Sets of Teeth per Shift
Operating: 0,9 Labor


Factory Site: 500 sq meters
Installed Electricity: 70 kW
Compressed Air: 6-8 bar

Labor: 7 People
Working Hour: 10 Hours

Needed Investment: Around 500K EUR
Set-up Time: 8 Months to Factory Start
CROI Time: 6-24 Month

* Thiese numbers can be changeable as to company

Cost Analysis
Labor Cost 0,04 EUR
Material Cost 0,04 EUR
Packaging 0,04 EUR

* Administration, marketing and energy costs should
be calculated additionally by yourself.
* Labor cost calculated from 600 EUR

* All these informations given by Arma Dental calculations. These can changes as to company situations. For final calculation please contact with us