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The better way shoe production

Customised mould solutions for shoe manufacturers with our mould manufacturing expertise.

Expertise and design ability have enabled us to reach
a high degrees specialization for manufacturing shoe
moulds. Our high-end technologies and production
machines allow us to give fast delivery times with
perfect results. The list of the moulds can be produced
by us for shoe manufacturers

RPU One Density
Rubber Pur Mould
Rubber PU Moulds
TPU PU Mould
PU Two Density
PU One density



Specialised 3D printing resin for shoe sole printing.
This can be used for prototyping and to create models aluminium
casting shoe sole moulds.
Optimised polymerisation during UV
penetration / Controlled Reaction Speed


Ultra fast printing
Perfect topographies
Color Stability

High Surface Hardness
Excellent Dimensional Stability
High flexural strength

Works with 385 / 405 nm
Shape Stability After Curing
Compatible with DLP / LCD

Eliminated Phase Separation During Storage / Long Shelf Life
Property Procedure Result
Flexural Strength ISO 4049 100,31
Elasticity Modulus ISO 4049 2081,3
Viscosity (m.Pa.s 23 0C) - 110
Elongation at Break (mm) ISO 4049 1,95
Colour Alternatives

Standart Colour: Beige
Alternative Colour: Gray

Packaging Alternatives